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The goal of a group of 9 urologists in North and Central Limburg, the Netherlands, is to provide urological care with the highest quality. Because innovative techniques and new pharmaceutical products can improve urological care this group of Dutch urologists strive to research new urologic treatments and implement them if proofed worthwhile.

Medical staff & population:
The urologists serve a community of more than 400.000 people in North and Central Limburg and approximately 9000 new patients visit their outpatient departments each year. The 8 urologists have extensive experience in allmost all urological diseases, including oncology, incontinence, infertility, erectile dysfunction, stones, and benign diseases of prostate, kidney, bladder and male genitals. The combination of expertise, a large patient population and a good Dutch medical infrastructure is a key factor to conduct high quality clinical trials.

Quality & Performance:
With the goal to deliver the highest quality urologic care, new treatment modalities will be investigated and assessed on its therapeutical effect, patient satisfaction and costs. Compilation of databases results in insight of diagnosis, treatments and complications. Regular analysis of these results improves quality and gives better insight in the patient population and possibilities to conduct clinical trials.
For several years these urologists participated in many multicenter (international) clinical trials and quite a few patients were given the opportunity to take part in new treatment protocols to help to improve urological care. Some phase II-III studies were part of clinical trials for European and F.D.A. approval. All studies were done according to Dutch law, subjected to Medical Ethical Review Committies and conducted in regulations with IHC/GCP.

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